Shopify Plus vs Magento Commerce Pro: Price Difference

Shopify Plus vs Magento Commerce Pro: Price Difference

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Shopify Plus vs Magento Commerce Pro – two of the best and fastest-growing players in the industry! Let’s see how these two platforms differentiate in price and monthly expenses.

Both Shopify and Shopify Plus are built on Software-as-a-Service infrastructure. Each plan is tailored for specific types of sellers and businesses.

Shopify is designed for small stores, mom-and-pop shops, and medium-sized businesses. Shopify Plus is designed for larger stores and enterprises. Shopify Plus merchants are established high-volume brands that want to grow as quickly as possible.

Magento Commerce is the new name for Magento EE or Enterprise Edition. The free version was known as Magento CE or Community Edition.

For the Magento software and functionality for your website, there is no significant difference between Magento CE and Magento Pro.

The pro version includes two separate modules on the commerce product: Magento Business Intelligence and B2B eCommerce. Also, you can buy Magento BI for $100 a month which is a cheaper option to add on the starter version if you don’t need other features.

The difference in the Pro version comes down to high-available infrastructure and dedicated server.

Shopify vs Magento Ecommerce Plans

For New, Small or Growing Businesses:

Basic Shopify: With this plan, you’ll get all the basics for starting an online store. This plan is great for startups and growing businesses with a small product offering. It costs $29/month.

Shopify: This plan has better transactional fees than Basic Shopify. It is designed for expanding product offerings. Shopify costs $79/month.

Advanced Shopify: For $299/month you will get advanced features for scaling your business – advanced reporting, 3rd party shipping integration, and improved transaction fees.

Magento Open Source: An open-source and free of charge ecommerce platform for small businesses. It has a reduced feature set.

Magento Commerce Starter: Starting at $2000 a month, Magento Commerce Starter is recommended for small and medium-sized businesses.

For Medium & Large Businesses:

Shopify Plus: Starting at $2000 a month with variable per-transaction fees, Shopify Plus is an enterprise-grade plan with dedicated support for large businesses and high-volume sellers.

Magento Commerce Pro: Starting at $3500 a month, Magento Commerce Pro is recommended for large businesses who need enterprise-level availability and reliability.

Magento Commerce Pro is more expensive than Shopify Plus.

Our advice before you start your ecommerce journey and choose a platform – consider your sales, traffic, and orders over the next 5 or 10 years.

Brands expecting a lot of growth should consider advanced options like Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce Pro.

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